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Ах, какое замечательное предприятие:

В чём заключается:
    Can this man, a 23 year old fanatic with average footballing skill, with the guidance of a team of experts, make Premiership football in just one year?
    The Beautiful Aim will document the unique and incredible journey of this ambitious young man making his impossible dream come true.

Каким образом:
    How exactly will this be done? The key components and milestones along the way of this 52 week journey include:

    I, like most people, do not have 10,000 hours or 10-15 years to achieve my aim. I am abandoning average learning methods, as an exceptional outcome calls for exceptional methods applied by exceptional people.

    NLP modelling provides a way back to such a way of learning and will be used by Arton, with the help of a group of world renowned experts (more info on these shortly), to acquire and perfect the skills that took the world’s top footballers many years to master in just a matter of months.

Кто помогает:
    John is the authority on NLP Modelling, is more enthusiastic and congruent than anybody about drawing the attention of those interested to this powerful method of replicating excellent performance. It is an honour and a pleasure to have guidance through my learning process from him.

    Having Carmen, an amazingly kind woman, with her unrivalled abilities to provoke learning and draw high performance states from people, in my corner gives me confidence and reassurance that I am in the best posible hands to achieve my aim.

Видео интервью Джона Гриндера, 4 части:

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